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Renault Zoe Battery Hire Agreement

Most insurance companies are now taking into account the specific characteristics of electric vehicles and updating their services with new types of coverage. This means that the rental service is included in the insurance policies. The fact that the battery belongs to the manufacturer and the car to the driver is already recognized, which facilitates the payment process in the event of a claim. The insurance policy must therefore refer to the battery and insure it for the amount indicated on the rental contract. If your insurer has its own support network, it is also advisable to check that its workshops are certified for the repair of electric vehicle batteries. For years, buyers of Renault electric vehicles had to lease the batteries before the French automaker offered an option to purchase the battery last March (we reported this). However, this option did not yet exist for existing contracts. Many people ask if you can get a battery upgrade – that is, replace a 22kWh battery with a 40kWh battery. While it is technically possible to equip batteries in vehicles (as long as the battery is contained in the same case), this is unlikely to happen now in leased battery vehicles. At the end of 2017, Renault carried out Zoe battery upgrades from 22 kWh to 40 kWh in some European countries and was silently switched to the UK in early 2018.

However, it never happened in Britain.

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