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Preamble Of The Marrakesh Agreement

The Contracting Parties are bound by the conditions to which each Party has undertaken under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Code for the Liberalization of Capital Movements as amended and the GATS, including the Agreement on Obligations in the Field of Financial Services, as well as other international agreements to which both Parties are parties. 1. Each Party shall without delay publish its laws, regulations and judicial decisions of general application and the international conventions to which the Contracting Party is a party and shall make them public without delay or by any other means, in compliance with all matters covered by this Agreement. 1. This Chapter shall not affect the right of the Parties to have recourse to dispute settlement procedures available under other international instruments to which both Parties are Parties. 2. The WTO shall organise negotiations between its Members on their multilateral trade relations on matters dealt with under the agreements set out in the Annexes to this Agreement. The WTO can also provide a forum for further negotiations among its members on their multilateral trade relations and a framework for the implementation of the results of these negotiations, as may be decided by the Ministerial Conference. Note: Nothing in this Chapter shall be interpreted in such a way as to affect the conditions to which one of the Parties has undertaken under the respective agreements referred to in this Article.

2. Accession decisions shall be taken by the Ministerial Conference. The Ministerial Conference approves the agreement on the conditions of accession by a two-thirds majority of wto members. 1. An issuer may provide investors of each Party with investment assistance in connection with projects or activities in the territory of the other Party. Investors and investments of investors of a Contracting Party in the territory of the other Party may conclude investment aid agreements with the issuer. The issuer shall receive investment support only for projects and activities authorised by this Agreement. This Agreement defines the scope, tasks and structure of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Agreements previously negotiated under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the Agreements concluded under the Uruguay Round have been included in the Marrakesh Agreement and are included in its Annexes. These agreements are now considered WTO agreements. 1.

The WTO shall establish the common institutional framework for the implementation of trade relations between its Members on matters relating to the agreements and associated legal instruments set out in the Annexes to this Agreement. Note: This article sets the minimum standards of peoples` law for the treatment of aliens as a minimum standard for the treatment of investments of investors of the other party. The concepts of fair and equitable treatment, comprehensive protection and security do not require, in addition to or beyond, treatment prescribed by the minimum international standard for the treatment of aliens. A finding of a violation of another provision of this Convention or of a separate international agreement shall not establish a violation of this Article. .

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