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Download Novel Married Agreement

Ray, the leader of magic division, is a handsome young man, but his overwhelming popularity has prevented him from getting married. One day, when his parents convinced him to go to an arranged marriage meeting, he met Bridget, an accountant. She had broken off her engagement twice in the past and abandoned marriage to devote herself to her work. But ironically, when his father issued an ultimatum to Amara, he instead chose the man as a couple in his simulated marriage. According to Amara`s logic, falling in love with the man she hates makes no sense, so Liam is a safe choice for Amara`s body and heart. Bian nodded. Tari was opening her mouth and protesting, but she cancelled it. For Amara, Liam is a shaker who should be avoided: “We get married because we obey the will of the parents, not love. You don`t intend to get married forever, do you? Dance stunned. Of course, he intends to marry forever. For him, getting married is worship, not a playful thing.

“You mean we got married temporarily, then separated?” My brothers do a contest every morning and ask me to sit next to them. What`s this relationship? And when they were married in a sacred marriage. Slowly, Anandhiya felt the sincerity and affection of her husband. He has nothing against giving his heart to this man. Because Danan deserves and deserves his love. You just want to embarrass me, don`t you? But remember, as soon as I get pregnant — you`re out there. We`re getting a divorce. “What is it?” Tari looks at a sheet of paper on the table with frowns. My touch will never hurt you.

It`ll only make you beg. Do you trust me? “If you don`t want to accept, it doesn`t matter. Please submit the divorce to a religious court. Bian got up and left his wife alone. For Liam, Amara was just an unattractive cold “You have your own room, too. Upstairs is my private area, I hope you don`t go up there,” he said. As long as she could be loved, she would not oppose hunger or defeat. But when she was thrown into the fire as a sacrifice for her sister, her hopes faded. “The marriage agreement as long as we get married,” Bian explained flat. Anandhiya Wikaya did not expect that her crazy idea of a contract marriage, to avoid her ex-fiancé having an affair, was directed by Danan Derma Cahya. Of course, he is very happy that his plan has come true. Download the light of the novel in a maze by Roman Citra Novy Title: Light in a Maze Author: Citra Novy Sanya Pratham Man is my husband, he says.

I don`t remember, but everyone near me said […] “No, yesterday you had the first brother, so you should eat with the second brother today.” Leslie, who survived only the fire, went to see the Duchess, who was looking for a small child whom she could adopt as her daughter.

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