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Customs Valuation Agreement Traduccion

Customs values established in accordance with Article 7 should, where possible, be based on pre-defined customs values. 1. Where the customs value of imported goods cannot be determined in accordance with articles 1 to 6 included, the customs value is determined by appropriate means in accordance with the principles and general provisions of this agreement and Article VII of the 1994 GATT and on the basis of the data available in the importing country. For importers, estimating the value of a product in customs poses problems that can be as serious as the actual tariff calculated. The WTO Customs Assessment Agreement aims to establish a fair, uniform and neutral system for assessing goods for customs purposes, one that is consistent with commercial reality and prohibits the use of arbitrary or fictitious customs values. The Customs Assessment Committee of the Goods Council (CGT) conducts customs assessment work within the WTO. 1. The customs value of goods imported in accordance with this article is based on a cumput value. The calculated value is calculated on the sum of the costs or value of any other expenses required to reflect the valuation option chosen by the member in accordance with Section 8, paragraph 2. For the purposes of Article 2, customs uses, as far as possible, a sale of identical goods at the same commercial stage and in the same quantities as the goods to be assessed.

If no such sale is found, a sale of identical goods, which takes place under one of three conditions, can be used: 3. Members of the developed country provide technical assistance to members of the developing country who request it, under mutually agreed conditions. On this basis, members of developed countries establish technical assistance programmes that may include, among other things, staff training, assistance in the preparation of enforcement measures, access to sources of information on the methodology of customs assessment and advice on the implementation of the provisions of this agreement. whereas customs value should be based on simple and fair criteria, consistent with business practices, and that assessment procedures indiscriminately between sources of supply should be generalised; tariffs and other national taxes due in the country of import due to the importation or sale of goods. The activities carried out by the purchaser on the buyer`s own behalf, with the exception of those for which an adjustment is provided for in Section 8, are not considered an indirect payment to the seller, although they may be considered a benefit to the seller. The cost of these activities will therefore not be added to the price actually paid or payable when determining the customs value. The customs value of identical or similar items of goods; Each member of the technical committee has one vote. The decision of the technical committee is taken by a majority, which includes at least two-thirds of the members present.

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