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The great problems of the world do not include what to wear.

Hi everyone. I’m Andrew Buckler, and I’m so pleased you’re here.

Buckler Works is the beginning of something new – a new way to do business, a new way to take care of the world around us while we are taking care of ourselves. Buckler Works is change. Simply put, it allows us as a company to use our expertise and the power of your purchase to make a difference to those in need by partnering with charitable organizations and providing them a valuable resource to help them in their work.

How does it work? Well, for every pair of Buckler jeans purchased, we will provide 5 pairs of specially-designed Buckler Works jeans to these charitable organizations to be worn in the field. But that is only the beginning. Every pair of jeans that you buy comes with set of dog tags that contains a unique serial number. I encourage you to register at and log in with this unique serial number –  you can find out where the 5 pairs of jeans that your purchase put into service have gone, what they are doing, and even link up with the recipients and follow their stories.

If you are a field worker and recipient of a pair of Buckler Works jeans, I encourage you to log on as well, share your stories, post pictures and videos, and spread your enthusiasm for the special work you are doing and the cause you are serving.

Buckler Works is a rare opportunity for us to change the way business works; to make sure we are giving back not just money, but also the quality and know-how that make Buckler jeans so prized. Thank you for making that possible through your purchase and your participation.

All the best, Andrew

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